Volume 4 - Sega CD/Mega CD

by Sam Pettus (aka "the Scribe")

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Author:  Hammerhead
Vendor:  Psygnosis
Genre:  platform
Players:  1
Release:  1993 (U), 02/28/1994 (E)

Premise:  Our friend Puggsy is a squat, brown, teardrop-shaped alien who has accidentally crash-landed on Earth not far from a tropical island.  On top of that, another group of goofy aliens steals his ship before he can fix it.  Can you help him find his spaceship amid the wonders of this strange new world?

Comments:  A wonderful little puzzle-oriented platformer from the boys in Scotland.  Now if they had just done more to take advantage of the platform ... oh, well ....

Rating:  7

Variants:  This is a straightforward port of the Genesis original.

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