iPhone 12 fished out of Berlin canal with a magnet

A man who dropped his iPhone 12 into a canal in Germany recovered the device by attaching a magnet to the end of a fishing line.

Frederik Riedel, an app developer, took to Twitter to recount the story of how his friend dropped the phone into a Berlin canal.

Riedel said the man tried wading into the water, but he was unable to find the phone.

“But he found a Nintendo Switch instead,” Riedel said.

Riedel said he and his friend ended up attaching a magnet to the end of a fishing line and used it to scour the canal for the phone. He said the phone case’s MagSafe ring, a built-in magnet designed to help with wireless charging, helped the fishing fine find the phone and pull it out of the water.

Riedel said the phone “still works” after its time in the canal.