‘Bobcat’ that sparked school evacuation was escaped house cat

Officials at a Pennsylvania high school said a “bobcat” that prompted the building to be evacuated when it was spotted inside turned out to be an escaped house cat.

West Scranton High School officials said students were sent home Tuesday morning when security cameras captured what appeared to be a bobcat wandering loose inside the building.

Animal control officers agreed the feline appeared to be a bobcat and alerted the state Game Commission.

The animal was captured inside the building, and officials quickly discovered it was not a bobcat, but a domestic cat breed known as a Clouded Jack cat. The breed has a silhouette similar to a bobcat.

Griffin Pond Animal Shelter scanned the animal for a microchip and identified the male cat as Kakashi, a local pet who had been missing for about three months. Kakashi was reunited with the Johnson family Tuesday afternoon.