Missing dog tag found on the Jersey Shore after 50 years

A man treasure hunting with his metal detector on the Jersey Shore found a dog tag that turned out to have been lost by a Coast Guard member 50 years earlier.

Joseph Franco said he was treasure hunting Saturday when he came across a Coast Guard dog tag bearing the name Sylvan Schiffman.

Franco and his wife, Melanie, searched online and discovered a man bearing the same name had died in 2019. Melanie posted a photo of the dog tag in the Cool Cape May group on Facebook and members were able to help the couple get in touch with Schiffman’s family, who live in Texas.

The family members told the Francos that Sylvan Schiffman had been stationed at Cape May during his time in the Coast Guard and has lost his dog tag when a boat overturned about 50 years ago.

“I have found rings, I have found silver coins, but this is one of the most personal things I have found so far. And it’s going to be a pleasure to give it back,” Joseph Franco told News12.

Franco said he will be sending the dog tag to Schiffman’s family in the mail.